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Project: phpGedView for Xoops (revived)
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Release Name: Xoops Patch to PGV


Module Name: PGVXoops Version Number: 1.02 Based on PhpGedView 3.3.5 and original Xoops patch by Patrick Kellum Nov 2006 Updated to phpGedView 3.3.8 License ====================== This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Environment Conditions ====================== Xoops: PHP: 4.3.x Safe_Mode: ON Register_Globals: OFF Xoops Protector Module (2.52) installed and active Files Added to PGV ====================== xoops_version.php xoops_headfoot.php xoops_adminmenu.php xoops_install_funcs.php includes/authentication_xoops.php sql/mysql.sql Files Changed in PGV ====================== config.php descendancy.php editconfig.php pedigree.php phpgedview.js includes/functions_print.php themes/* Installation ====================== *Obtain phpGedView 3.3.8 from and upload to /modules/pgv *Be sure your Xoops user (or the users you select for contacts) has a 'real name' *Upload to /modules/pgv *Install module through Xoops Admin *Click on the PHPGedView icon in the Administration menu and complete the installation steps. (more complete instructions are found in readme.txt) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *You will see a database connect error message and popup - close it and complete the general configuration - DB username, DB password, DB name, DB table prefix (be sure it is correct! XoopsPrefix_pgv_) *Go on to Administer GEDCOMs *Step 1 of 4: upload GEDCOM (browse to location). This is limited to a 2MB upload. If it is larger than 2MB, FTP it to your site, then select Add Gedcom and provide the path and name for the GEDCOM file. *Step 2 of 4: Configure PhpGedView + GEDCOM file. In GEDCOM Basics, set the default person for pedigree and descendancy charts (often times your first dead ancestor). In Web Site & META Tag Settings, set your Main WebSite URL and text. Save Configuration *Step 3 of 4: Validate Gedcom. Click Cleanup *Step 4 of 4: Importing records into database. If you get a warning about maximum execution time being exceeded, refresh your browser (resubmit warning may appear - click Retry), it will continue. Once the first set of data is imported (Import progress should show 100%), click on 'Continue importing places'. If the execution times out, refresh your browser. Once the import is complete, you will see a box on the page indicating it has completed.. If you would like to search and list females by their married names, click on the 'Import Married Names' button. You can skip this and follow the links to the Pedigree tree, the Welcome Page, or the GEDCOM management page. *Edit GEDCOM privacy settings - General Settings (my recommendation): show living names to public; show sources only to admin users; enable clippings cars only to admin users; limit privacy by age of event (yes) *Update User Account - set GEDCOM INDI record ID (usually yourself), and Pedigree Chart Root Person (same) *Set config.php to Read Only ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Set module access according to your desired settings. Also set module admin to your desired settings (any group that has ANY module admin will be defaulted to admin of PGV) *Begin customizing your PGV Welcome page and GEDCOM favorites Known Issues: DHTML menus show behind select boxes in IE (IE bug). This also exists in Xoops ********************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************* Original readme from PKellum: ================================================================================ INTRODUCTION This is a first attempt at integrating phpGedView into the Xoops system. Patrick Kellum ================================================================================ INSTALLATION Create a directory in your Xoops modules directory and upload phpGedView to this directory. Copy all the files in the pgvxoops directory to the phpGedView directory. Activate the phpGedView module in Xoops. Click on the phpGedView link in your menu on the home page and follow the install instructions. Be sure of the following during install. 1. The database prefix should include the Xoops prefix. 2. The Authentication Module should be set to "authentication_xoops.php". ================================================================================ TODO 1. Integrate search system into Xoops. 2. Integrate user system completly into Xoops (can be done, just needs to be figured out). ================================================================================
Change Log
Nov 2006 - Fixed MyGedView menu in Cloudy theme for users without assigned ID in the gedcom (no 't' or missing graphic in dropdown) - Fixed patriarchlist.php - keeping it from expanding the page width. Assign .list_value_wrap instead of .list_value - Fixed mktime() error in functions_date.php::parse_date(), which led to problems with Upcoming Events block (only on first page view after login) - Removed extra </td></tr></table> in cloudy/footer.html (line 156) - Changed functions_print.php::print_contact_links() function to allow for Xoops user without 'real name' as contact - Changed config.php to inherit Xoops DB information. No longer need to configure after installation - All files updated to 3.3.8 code - Added files to bring existing installation from 3.3.5 to 3.3.8 - Removed PHP5 database defaults in editconfig.php Jan - Mar 2006 - Removed trailing white space from PHP files - Removed version information from theme files and function_print.php::print_header() - Changed config.php to remove PGV login/registration use (use Xoops to add new users) - Fixed menu alignment in Cloudy theme (bug #3398) - Fixed pedigree box alignment - Fixed Welcome page block header width in Cloudy theme and Firefox (bug#3489) - Fixed Welcome page block resizing on hover in Cloudy theme and Firefox (bug#3489) - Fixed Xoops footer not printing (bug #3444) - Corrected field size on pgv_individuals.i_isdead in mysql.sql - Changed login redirect to Xoops login - Fixed center area expansion in Cloudy theme (bug #3399 and #3565) (toplinks.html) - Lowered timeline chart top in Cloudy theme - Fixed homepage icon class in toplinks.html for Xenea theme - Changed div box width (theme.php) in Xenea theme to fix ancestry chart expanding center area - Changed div box width (theme.php) in Minimal theme to fix ancestry chart expanding center area - Changed div box width (theme.php) in Ocean theme to fix ancestry chart expanding center area Dec 2005 - Added this file (changelog_xoops.txt) - Corrected readme_xoops.txt (missing information about added files) - SunTzu worm patches uploaded to CVS and patch added to files area (patch#3390) --- help_text_vars.php --- login_register.php --- useradmin.php --- includes/authentication_index.php